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Mission Statement of Bansal Giga-Chartered Professional Accountants

To provide high quality and professional expertise to our clients to enable them to add value to their businesses, increase profitability and enhance business growth.

We care about our Clients

Bansal Giga-Chartered Professional Accountants strives to be trusted accounting and business advisors to our clients.   Our firm and staff have a thorough understanding of tax legislation relevant to entrepreneurs and small business. 

Our professional staff will accurately prepare your books and records to assist your business make better informed decisions.  We strive to respond to you and your business needs in a prompt and professional manner.

Tax planning is an important part of your business and personal needs.  We will advise you on the most appropriate tax strategies to help you minimize your taxes.  Our firm offers a unique and personal approach to help your business deal with accounting, taxation and business consulting issues.

Let us help you with all your accounting, taxation, and business consulting needs.  Call or e-mail Bansal Giga-Chartered Professional Accountants in Richmond Hill, ON to learn more how we can help you.